H Mart Hawaii Kakaotalk Channel-What is H Mart to me?

H Mart Hawaii Kakaotalk Channel “What is H Mart to me?” event!

Give us a word and you’re entered into our event. Let us know by sending us a word!

Event Period: JULY 22nd , 2022 – SEP 16th , 2022

Winner announcement: SEP, 23rd 2022

Who can participate: H Mart customers who is friend with H Mart HI Channel


How to participate:

1. Search for @hmart_hi in Kakaotalk search bar

2. Be friend with @hmart_hi

3. Send your thoughts on H Mart in one phrase to H Mart Chatting Board (Korean or English)


Judging Standard: Winners will be selected by H Mart event officials based on creativity, affection, and attention to form and language.

*By entering the Kakaotalk Channel Event, participants consent to H Mart’s collection of personal information in order for H Mart to select and announce winners.

*The result of the event will be notified individually. If customer do not respond to H Mart requested communication or cannot be reached via Kakaotalk Chat, then it can cause cancellation of winnings.

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