Bulgogi Hamburger / 불고기버거

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Make an exceptional hamburger with a surprising twist. Bulgogi and refreshing perilla leaves adds incredible flavor. Try this easy recipe for a delicious brunch or for a delightful picnic! 불고기햄버거900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 2 each) 4 Hamburger buns 1lb bulgogi 1 cup bulgogi sauce 4 slices of tomato ½ onion 4 slices of lettuce 2 slices of perilla leaves 2 slices of cheese Cooking oil & Butter Salt & pepper Sauce: 4tbsp mayonnaise, 1tbsp mustard, 1tbsp honey, 1/2tbsp whole-grain mustard (optional)   불고기햄버거900_03 1. Marinate bulgogi with bulgogi sauce for 10 to 20 minutes. You can get ready-made bulgogi sauce at Hmart or Asian grocery stores.   불고기햄버거900_05 2. Over a medium-high pan, place a slice of butter for toasting buns. Toast both sides of buns until they become golden brown.   불고기햄버거900_07 3. Stir-fry sliced onion with little butter. Set aside. Stir-fry bulgogi as well with cooking oil. Stir-fry until the sauce is all soaked up.   불고기햄버거900_09 4. Make some spread sauce using ingredients above.   불고기햄버거900_11 5. Spread the sauce mixture on the both sides of buns. Place lettuce, perilla leaves, cheese, onion, bulgogi, and tomato. Cover with a bun.   불고기햄버거900_13 You can serve warm or bring it to a picnic to enjoy!
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