Fried shrimp toast (蝦多士) / 멘보샤

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crispy outside, soft inside! this Fried shrimp toast is heavenly for your savory craving! HTC_멘보샤_900_01 Ingredients (serving 12ea) 6slices White bread 12ea shrimp 1ea potato 1 egg white 2tbsp potato or corn starch 1tbsp olive oil 1/2cup mozzarella cheese Salt and pepper Optional : lemon, sweet chili sauce HTC_멘보샤_900_03 1. Devein and clean shrimp, then chop into small pieces. Boil a potato until you can poke it smoothly with a chopstick. When the potato is cooked, peel the skin and mash it when it’s still hot in a large bowl. Add the chopped shrimp, egg white, starch, olive oil, cheese, salt, and pepper. Mix them well. HTC_멘보샤_900_05 2. Cut the edge of white breads, divide them into 4 small pieces. Put shrimp mixture onto the bread with a spoon. Cover with another bread to make small sandwiches. Using a spoon or a butter knife, flatten the edges to nice little cubes like when you ice the cake! HTC_멘보샤_900_07 3. Deep fry at 140C/280F until both side are golden brown. You have to start frying when the temperature is low. It prevents the breads to soak the oil and it makes them crispier. HTC_멘보샤_900_09 4. Serve with slices of lemon, sweet chili dipping sauce, or salad. Enjoy immediately! KVD_나가사키짬뽕_HTC_Final_900_12_02
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