Kimchi fries with bulgogi / 불고기 김치 프라이

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불고기김치프라이-900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 2) 3cups frozen fries 1lb beef rib eye, sliced 1 mango 1cup kimchi 1tbsp sesame oil 1tbsp vinegar 1tbsp sugar 1tbsp honey 3tbsp mayo 1/2cup onion, chopped 1cup cheddar cheese, grated 1/2cup bulgogi marinated sauce Optional toppings : cilantro, sesame seeds   불고기김치프라이-900_03 1. Marinate beef rib eye with bulgogi marinate sauce. You can easily find bottles at Hmart. Cover and rest them in fridge for 10-20 minutes.   불고기김치프라이-900_05 2. Cut a mango in half and then cubes, put the half of mango cubes into mixer or blender, add 1tbsp honey and 3tbsp mayo, then blend them well to make our mango-mayo sauce. We will use the other half as topping, so set it aside.   불고기김치프라이-900_07 3. Heat up your pan over medium high heat, grill bulgogi until it turns nice brown. 4. Wipe the pan, and add sesame oil, kimchi, vinegar and sugar. Stir-fry them until kimchi is soft and transparent. 5. Finally, heat up some oil to 350F/170C or when you put a wooden stick and see bubbles around the stick, then it's ready for frying. Fry frozen fries following direction on the package.   불고기김치프라이-900_09 6. It’s time to assemble everything we prepared. Place a wax paper on a small tray and follow the steps to create your own ultimate Korean fries! Fries- > bulgogi-> kimchi-> chopped mango-> chopped onion-> grated cheese-> cilantro-> sriracha sauce-> mango-mayo sauce-> sesame seeds.   불고기김치프라이-900_11 Imagine sweet, spicy, creamy, cheesy, crispy, sour, juicy, fresh, fruity, nutty…fries. Are you ready?   비빔밥_web_17
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