Kimchi Hotdog / 김치핫도그

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Savory kimchi meets a fan fave...hotdogs! Kimchi does go with everything. 김치-핫도그900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 2 each) 2 hot dog buns 2 hot dogs ½tbsp butter ¼ onion 1cup Kimchi 1tsp sugar 1tsp sesame oil 2tsp ketchup 1tsp gochujang Lettuce Ketchup & Mustard   김치-핫도그900_03 1. On a medium-high pan, broil scored hot dogs until cooked. When they’re done, set aside.   김치-핫도그900_05 김치-핫도그900_07 2. On the same pan, put butter and chopped onion. When onions turn to golden brown, add kimchi, sugar, sesame oil, ketchup, and gochujang. Stir-fry for 3 more minutes.   김치-핫도그900_09 3. On a hot dog bun, put lettuce or green of your choice > hot dog > stir-fried kimchi.   김치-핫도그900_11 4. Drizzle ketchup, mustard, or any of your favorite sauce. 김치-핫도그900_13 5. Take mouthful bites immediately.   KVD로고
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