Pumpkin Croquette / 펌킨 크로켓

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Looking for a special Halloween snack for your party? Try this healthy, cute, and fun snack recipe. Your friends will be surprised! KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_01Ingredients (serving size: 12-15each) 1/4 pumpkin 1/4 onion 2tbsp Heavy cream 3tbsp minced walnut 2cup bread crumb 1/2cup flour 1/2cup sugar 1 egg Cooking oil Salt & pepper Garnish: nude pepero, curly parsley   KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_03 1. Peel and cut the pumpkin to smaller sizes. In a large pot, put pumpkin and pour little bit of water, barely covering the surface of the pot. Put the lid on, and steam until the pumpkins get mushy. Make sure to put the heat to medium-low, so the bottom doesn’t burn.   KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_05 2. Drain all the water from the pumpkin and move to a mixing bowl. Mash them until you don’t have any chunks. When the pumpkin cools down, add heavy cream, walnut, and 1 cup of bread crumb. Put salt and sugar to taste. Mix well with a spatula.   KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_07 3. Take some out from the pumpkin mixture, and shape it like a ball.   KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_09 4. Coat with flour, egg, and bread crumb. You can double coat it by repeating egg and bread crumb.   KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_11 5. With a chopstick, press the sides of the ball in. Press down 5 times evenly to get a pumpkin shape.   KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_13 6. Fry until golden brown at 340F. Stir around occasionally to fry all sides.   KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_15 7. You can make the stem of the pumpkin with an inside-out chocolate pocky. You can find “nude pepero” at Hmart or any Asian grocery stores.   KVD_펌킨크로켓_HTC_final_900_17 8. Garnish with curly parsley for extra cuteness! Crunchy outside, soft inside. KVD로고
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