Steak Sushi / 스테이크초밥

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Just how much of a sushi addict are you? And what about steak. Ever wish the two came together? 스테이크초밥900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 4) 4cups Sushi Rice, cooked 1lb Beef strip loin 1/2pck Sushi powder vinegar (sushinoko) Salt & pepper Olive oil (or butter) Washabi Garnish : Red onion, chopped scallion, sesame seeds Teriyaki Sauce : soy sauce, corn syrup, mirin Ice tray Plastic wraps   스테이크초밥900_03 1. First, slice onion vey thinly, soak them in cold water until you use them for garnish! In a large mixing bowl, place hot cooked rice and add sushi powder vinegar, mix rapidly and gently to try not to crush rice. Cover and set aside.   스테이크초밥900_05 2. Time to make teriyaki sauce! Put all sauce ingredients into a sauce pan. Bring it to boil, boil until slightly thicken. It will get thicker when it’s cool down.   스테이크초밥900_07 3. Now, here is a tip of how to shape rice like sushi easily. Get your empty ice tray, cover with plastic wraps and fill with rice. Cover rice with wraps so that it doesn’t get dry.   스테이크초밥900_09 4. Heat your skillet, use butter or olive oil to sear steak. Salt and pepper to taste. Sear both side of meat for about 1-2minutes each. Resting little bit, slice a half inch wide.   스테이크초밥900_11 5. Take the rice out from the ice tray. Put washabi on the middle of each rice, top with a slice of steak, drizzle with the teriyaki sauce. Garnish with onion, chopped scallion, sesame seeds!   스테이크초밥900_13 Steak sushi dedicated to meat lovers!   비빔밥_web_17
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