Sweet Potato Pizza / 떠먹는 고구마피자

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KVD_고구마피자_HTC_Final_900_01Ingredients (serving size: 2) 1 tortilla 5tbsp canned corn 1/2 bell pepper 1/2 onion Pepperoni Bacon 3tbsp tomato sauce 2cup mozzarella cheese 1 sweet potato Potato mash: 3 sweet potatoes, 2tbsp mayonnaise, salt & pepper Garnish: basil   KVD_고구마피자_HTC_Final_900_03 KVD_고구마피자_HTC_Final_900_05 1. Boil sweet potatoes until they get soft. Peel them and mash 3 sweet potatoes to get mousse-like texture. When it’s still warm, add mayonnaise, salt& pepper to taste. Cut 1 sweet potato into cube shapes. Set aside.   KVD_고구마피자_HTC_Final_900_07 2. On an oven-safe pan or skillet, place a slice of tortilla. Spread tomato sauce and sweet potato mash. Sprinkle vegetables and cheese.   KVD_고구마피자_HTC_Final_900_09 3. Put cube shaped sweet potato on top. They are great for decorations, and add nice sweet flavor to the pizza.   KVD_고구마피자_HTC_Final_900_11 4. Place the skillet in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes on 400F.   KVD_고구마피자_HTC_Final_900_13 5. Dig in with your spoon! It’s a perfect dish for sharing with your friends and family! KVD로고
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