Winter café at home / 겨울음료 2종

Turn your home into warm Korean home café! Your guests will fall in love with these sweet, unique new drinks!  


Roasted sweet potato latte (serving 2)

1 Japanese sweet potato (yam)

2 cups milk

2tbsp Honey

1/2tsp Salt

Optional: Cinnamon powder


1. Bake sweet potato in the oven at 450F/250C for 20-30mins. If a chopstick goes smoothly into them, they are done!


2. Peel the potato skin, blend it with milk, honey, and salt.

3. Warm up in a pot. Pour into a cup and top with cinnamon powder.


Red bean latte (serving 2)

1 1/4cup canned sweeten red bean

2cups milk

Optional: sliced almond


  1. Blend canned sweet red beans and milk. Warm up in a pot. 
  2. Make milk foam with French press.


3. Pour warmed milk into a cup, top milk foam and garnish with some sliced almond.


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